Website Design

The websites we create are designed to look great and offer the shop window your business needs. We do understand though, that your website is a valuable member of the team.

Your website may be the first thing a potential customer sees and as such 
we need to ensure that the content - as well as the visual - is relevant and simple.

Once your website is built - or in some cases refreshed and updated - we can 
work together to ensure all information is kept up to date and managed 
on a regular basis. 

Logo & Brand Design

Your business identity is fundamental when it comes to creating a company image. It provides your customers with that all important first impression and will offer them an immediate sense of what 
your business is all about.

We will work closely with you to ensure that your branding conveys who you are and what you can offer, with a unique identity right for you and your business to include:

  • logo design or redraw

  • business stationery design

  • brochures and leaflets design 

  • company reports & presentations

  • manuals & guides

  • menus

  • loyalty cards

You can cherry pick the items that are right for you and add others you may need to create a package just right for your business. All items will be made available to you as electronic files for you to keep and use as you need them.


Here at Click we listen to your business objectives and come up with simple, effective marketing support to help you achieve results.


This may include anything from the design of traditional print marketing like brochures and leaflets, to online and social media marketing. We usually find a combination of both works well.

Even though you might not think social media an obvious choice for your 
business, it really can significantly and instantly boost awareness.

We can work with you to set up social media accounts, manage them and use 
them to advertise anything you want instantly.

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